The Liquid Machine from Nijmegen (The Netherlands) creates loud, grooving rock music. These four guys sound like taking a bite out of a sea biscuit drenched in motor oil. It’s dirty, crumbles and feels like a solid, gluey mass of drum and guitar violence that keeps every gear nicely greased.

After the release of the EP titled The Engine in 2013 The Liquid Machine played a lot of shows shows throughout the Netherlands. In 2015 they started working on their debut album called Reprimenda Culpa which appeared May 13, 2016. Reprimenda Culpa (reprimanding the culprits) tells tales of highs and lows, of guilt and consequence, right and wrong. The Liquid Machine shows they are not bound by standard song structures. Complex time signatures and they put in an extra beat now and then, but they always keep the groove going!


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The first single taken from our debut album Reprimenda Culpa
Director, Camera & Editing: Gideon Kessler (KESSLR MOTION)
Actor: Harm Jan Olthoff